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With time Email has definitely revolutionized the way of exchanging information. In simple terms, marketing means communicating with prospective buyers, and email marketing has made it much easier. We consider email as the most professional way of communication, and with us, you can take all the exclusive benefits of this marketing tool.

With our Email marketing services, you will notice a dramatic impact on your business as we implement a result-driven strategy for every marketing campaign. The aim of our company is to expand the reach and sales of our clients so that they can generate high profits.

Significance of Email Marketing For Your Business

Email marketing will help you in expanding your business and its relationship with existing and potential customers more effectively and efficiently. We provide the best email marketing services, and that is why we can assure you that it is the best tool for acing the game of promotion and communication for any business. You can take our services for business and personal growth both. Here is what you will get after taking our email marketing services:

  • Increased Leads and Sales:

Email marketing for small business is very helpful because it helps in generating more leads and sales. Be it a small-sized firm or a multi-national company, all of them require sales in order to earn higher profits. With our email marketing services, you will end up having increased leads and sales, as you will someone step closer to your potential buyers through emails.

When it comes to spreading brand awareness, most businesses choose email marketing. Wondering why? It is because you can easily promote products and services via an email marketing campaign. We will come up with an extraordinary email template for your business which you can send across to impress your leads.

  • Drive Organic Traffic:

In today’s time, every online business depends on its website. Email marketing is helpful for the growth of a website. Wondering how? It is because you can send promotional emails to potential customers in order to persuade them. You can keep your customers engaged with targeted ads, and as a result, you can expect regular traffic for your website.

Our team comprises talented people who know exactly how to generate traffic with compelling ad copy and engaging content. You can easily build a long list of subscribers with us, which you can use to promote your products and services.

  • Expansion Of Target Audience:

Unlike other email marketing agencies, we focus on targeting the right set of audiences for our customers. We firmly believe that to build trust in the eyes of the audience; it is crucial to make a relationship with them. With our services, we will help you in reaching and expanding your target audience so that you can meet your business goals.

By analyzing your target audience’s purchasing pattern and other behaviors, we will help you reach out to them in an effective manner. With our services, you will come in a position to give a tough competition in your industry.

  • Business Expansion And Brand Awareness:

At Easy Visitors, we provide bulk email marketing services, which are very effective for spreading brand awareness. Unlike others, we make sure that our content is unique and relevant as it helps in educating existing customers and future buyers. In order to help our customers in successful marketing, we develop attractive and appealing content which helps in increasing the sales and credibility of their brand.

Over the years, we have helped many people expand their businesses through our cheap email marketing services because we firmly believe that it is a cost-effective way to expand the business. With our services, you can promote and advertise your business amongst the target audience.

  • Get A Sales Funnel:

Yes, you can use our email marketing campaigns as effective sales funnels as well. Remember, in order to convert leads into regular customers of your business; you need to have a sales funnel that holds the potential to engage your target audience at different stages of marketing.

At Easy Visitors, as per the needs and goals of our clients, we make different email marketing strategies because we believe that every business is unique. To generate more leads for your business, you can use our email marketing services to stay connected with your audience.

Wondering Why You Should Choose Us Your Email Marketing Agency?

To get captivating, extraordinary, and unique email marketing services for your business!

Due to our experience and expertise, we have become a leader in email marketing services. We take pride in our team as we only have professionals who possess qualified knowledge to boost your leads, sales, and revenue. We always keep our customers as our utmost priority. Therefore we put all our hard work into delivering world-class services. At Easy Visitors, we offer:

  • Creative Sales Content:

To generate more sales, we develop creative sales content for email marketing because it helps in engaging the existing and future buyers of the business. We can assure you that you can leave behind all your concerns and rely on us as we are trusted by many customers for their fruitful email marketing campaigns.

  • Ready-To-Use Templates:

Email marketing lead generation goes hand-in-hand, which is why we have curated more than a hundred email templates that confirm the success of our email campaigns. However, we make the required changes in the layout as per the needs of our clients. We focus on strengthening your subscriber list so that you can communicate with a larger audience at once.

  • Ability To Measure Campaign:

Unlike other agencies, we provide a detailed report of every email marketing campaign to our clients. It helps them in measuring and analyzing the campaign closely. We use the latest trends in our marketing strategy, and that is why we never fail to achieve our goals. You can expect a high delivery rate, open rate, a click-through rate of our email marketing campaign.

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    Feel free to browse our site and look over what we have to offer you. We are so confident, that our email services will work for you that is you do not get a minimum 3% click-thru rate on your campaign, we will resend your campaign at no charge to you until you have reached a minimum 3% CTR. Don’t waste your time and money on services that claim to get results, stay with the company that can guarantee them!

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    Format: HTML / Text
    Size: 5,000 Characters Or Less

    HTML content may not contains iframe scripts or javascript.  All images used in the creation of the HTML ad must be hosted by the advertiser, unless the advertiser has purchased content creation services from us.  HTML images should be optimized to minimize load time.

    Targeted Email (HTML / Text) must have related content to the target areas chosen.  In the event that the content is not considered targeted to the proper groups (Example: Fitness Ad for Financial Services) then the CTR Guarantee will be void.


    Current Lists & Totals
    Email Interests & List Amounts
    Current as of 2015-08-17
    Fitness   (3265195 available )
    Finance   (8526411 available )
    Entrepreneurship   (3454092 available )
    Employment   (3482148 available )
    E-Commerce   (15458007 available )
    Financial Services   (9514024 available )
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    Accounting   (2870500 available )
    Advertising   (2800700 available )
    Affiliate Programs   (5446000 available )
    Agriculture   (2248000 available )
    Children   (8295000 available )
    Business Opportunities   (13245000 available )
    Books   (4562000 available )
    Banking   (1258000 available )
    Automobile Truck   (2196000 available )
    Automobile Car   (3220000 available )
    Art   (614000 available )
    Antiques   (877000 available )
    Clothing   (798000 available )
    Collectibles   (492000 available )
    Computer Supplies   (2189000 available )
    Computers   (14334000 available )
    Cooking / Food   (2236000 available )
    Crafts   (1214000 available )
    Debt Consolidation   (345000 available )
    Gaming Computer Console   (9195000 available )
    Gaming Online   (13121000 available )
    Hardware   (2150000 available )
    Home And Garden   (1390000 available )
    Home Business   (5413000 available )
    Home Improvement   (3567000 available )
    Insurance   (142000 available )
    Internet   (355000 available )
    Internet Business   (4250000 available )
    Internet Marketing   (3505000 available )
    Investing   (226000 available )
    Jewelry   (270000 available )
    Movies   (2451000 available )
    Multi Level Marketing   (2535000 available )
    Multimedia   (239000 available )
    Music   (593000 available )
    Nutrition   (231000 available )
    Online Auctions   (227000 available )
    Pets / Pet Supplies   (274000 available )
    Photography   (257000 available )
    Politics   (230000 available )
    Real Estate   (224000 available )
    Religion   (148000 available )
    Shopping   (624000 available )
    Software   (194000 available )
    Sports   (5412000 available )
    Tax Relief   (145000 available )
    Television   (292000 available )
    Theater   (130000 available )
    Toys   (163000 available )
    Travel   (147000 available )
    Webmasters   (2340000 available )
    Womens Health   (3354000 available )
    Mens Health   (1239000 available )
    RON   (36250000 available )
    Seasonal   (2654000 available )
    Middle Class   (14525000 available )
    Women >18   (3254185 available )
    Men – Single   (5584262 available )
    Women – Single   (7384592 available )
    Men – Married   (3251855 available )
    Women – Married   (7849221 available )
    Women w/ Children   (5412055 available )
    Mature Audience   (2319800 available )
    Cell Phones   (4325000 available )
    Cell Phones – iPhone   (5231000 available )
    Smokers   (2515000 available )
    Physicians   (350500 available )
    Construction Eqpt   (3114000 available )
    Online Auctions   (4725000 available )
    Hardware   (1349817 available )
    B2B Marketing   (1742050 available )
    Age 18-24   (10875000 available )
    Age 25-54   (18125000 available )
    Age 55+   (12250000 available )
    Self Help   (419000 available )
    Self Improvement   (190500 available )
    Gifts   (615000 available )
    Sports – Fishing   (3518000 available )
    Sports – Hunting   (7198000 available )
    Upper Class   (12478112 available )
    Coffee & Tea   (24500070 available )
    Business Owners   (775849 available )
    Furniture & Decor   (2514849 available )
    Women – Beauty   (13849514 available )
    Diet & Exercise   (1548950 available )
    Stocks   (1578490 available )


    Millions of people use email each and everyday to receive information or to send information to business associates, family and friends. Not only is email considered more cost effective than postal mail, but it much faster than conventional methods.

    When a user signs up for Newsletter, they are agreeing to receive valuable information including advertisements based on their interests delivered directly to their inbox. Subscriptions to these newsletters cost nothing, and the member has the right to remove themselves instantly from a list with a simple click of their mouse.

    Opt-In email is not “SPAM”. We have strong anti-spam policy and has taken many steps to pass legislation to combat “SPAM”. Using our opt-in services will NOT get your website shut down or your affiliate programs cancelled. Opt-in email is and will always be the most cost effective way to market to thousands of interested people.

    Remember if at anytime you have questions feel free to contact us and get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our sales people will never try to pressure you or coax you into purchasing anything. The decision is completely up to you. All we want to do is to make you well informed about our products and services as we are sure when you learn all you can we will be your first stop when it comes time to order.

    When you are ready to order, you can simply pick up the phone or go directly online to one of our secure servers. Ordering online is completely safe and on of the fastest way to get your order processed.

    Once your order has been placed, your scheduled delivery date reserved, your ad content is received and reviewed, we are ready to begin your campaign. Based on the targeting options you have selected, your ad will be assembled for sending.

    When the users opens your mail, they will see your content and will be given the option to click on the tracking link, which will first come through our tracking server and then redirecting them to your website seamlessly. Every time a person clicks on your unique tracking link it is recorded and displayed to your from the admin area. We also log the email address of the person clicking on the link, to ensure that future campaigns will not include that address.

    We will fulfill your order by sending out the full amount of your purchase.

    Account set-up process from beginning to end.

    Select a date that is available, and click on that date.
    Place your order and request the date selected.
    Fill the order form completely.
    Once your order is processed you will receive an email with the details of the campaign.


    Opt-In Email FAQ’sWhat is Opt-In?Opt-in means that people signed up from various sources on the internet to receive offers of interest through email newsletters sent out by our network. These email addresses are confirmed twice before added to a list. Members have the choice to remove by clicking a simple link. Opt-In Email is the safest way to email on the internet, it is 100% Spam free and there is no risk involved.

    Is Opt-In email effective?Yes. Out of all the options available on the internet opt-in email programs produce the highest click-to-sale ratio than any other form of advertising. Most opt-in email companies will send out the email for you, but can not guarantee the click-thru rates as we can.

    Why are your prices so low compared to your competitors?Most of the high price opt-in email lists you see on the internet, have the cost of list collection built into them. For every 10,000 opt-in email names collected by a standard opt-in email company, you should assume that they have spent around €18,000.00 to collect them. They then pass the costs on in the price of the email.Our network is part of one of the largest advertising networks online. We reach millions of people each and everyday with our advertisers offers. The cost for us to collect a list of opt-in email addresses is almost non-existent as we own and operate our own advertising network and the websites within the network itself. We have no costs to pass along. Instead we can focus on you, the customer rather than having to focus on the bottom line.

    Is this SPAM?
    Absolutely not! SPAM aka UCE is when a user sends a mass amount of email to people who have never asked to receive any information. By requiring each opt-in member to verify their website address with us along with the types of information they would like to receive, we guarantee each list to be SPAM free and highly responsive.
    We are a professional advertising agency and would never take the risk of sending out UCE or SPAM, it is illegal!

    Do you accept HTML ads?
    Yes. We allow html ads on the basis that you host all images on your own server. Additionally we do not allow any type of java, javascript, or iframes within the content we send. Once you have received your username and password, you will have access to submit either html or text content in your admin section.

    How can you guarantee click-thrus?
    We track each link that is clicked on through it’s email programs. We also give the advertiser access to this information. If we do not reach the guaranteed amount of click-thrus, we will continue mailing until we have done so, at no extra cost to our clients. We can not guarantee that the set amount of click-thrus will be achieved on the first mailing. Variables such as content, and the offer itself dictate the type of response you will receive.

    How do you collect your email addresses?
    We have partnered with over 2,500 high traffic websites. We reach over 2.3 million different people each and every day. Some of these people are offered to sign up for our newsletters if they wish. It is completely up to the receiver if they want email from us and if what types of email they want from us.

    When will my account start?
    By clicking the “calendar” link in the email ordering area you will see what dates are available and have the ability to reserve that date when you order by simply clicking on that date. Same day, Holiday and weekend dates are not available. Additionally dates are limited to a maximum of 3 orders per day to ensure quality service.

    Will I be credited for non-deliverables?
    Yes. As a matter of fact not only do we credit our advertisers for bounced back email addresses “non-deliverables”, but we also credit our advertisers for removes as well. While the odds of a bounced back email address are low, each and everyone is credited. Our Email Smarty Software? manages lists automatically to insure all remove requests are handled immediately and any bounce backs are handled immediately as well. For this reason it is not uncommon to see sent amounts that are higher than the amounts you ordered. If for any reason an email address is sent back or someone asks to be removed, we will send an additional email in place of the bounce back or remove request.

    How can I verify the email went out?
    We provide all of our advertisers with real-time stats which not only shows how many people have clicked through on your campaign so that you can match this against your website numbers, but we also supply you with daily updates of how much email has been sent.


    Sample Target Pack Letter “Home Business”

    You are receiving this message as part of the “Home Business” Newsletter you recently joined through ************** or one of its partner sites. If you feel you have been added to this list in error, or would like to be removed from future mailings, please visit http://*******/cleanlist.php

    We are searching for leaders to help pioneer the global
    distribution of a product MD’s, scientists and researchers
    are calling “A Brilliant Breakthrough in Biotechnology.”

    For an immediate review go to:

    URL Blocked For Sample

    Our Product has:

    *60+ Global Patents
    *Double-blind Placebo Studies at prestigious medical institutions
    *Over 20 years and €50 million in R & D
    *Listed in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference)
    *Targets #1 Health Concern Worldwide

    We are a wholly owned subsidiary of a €200 million world-class
    BIOTECHNOLOGY company. This is the FIRST BIOTECH Network
    Marketing company!

    To be the first Network Marketing Company to launch this
    new category gives us a rare and unprecedented opportunity.
    History shows us that the top companies in our industry
    were those that launched a new category of products.

    *AMWAY was the first to market home care products
    *SHAKLEE pioneered the marketing of vitamins
    *MARY KAY led the way with cosmetics and personal care
    *HERBALIFE started the weight loss and herbal supplement boom
    *EXCEL pioneered the way in telecommunications

    Fact #1: Each of these pioneering companies has become multi-billion dollar, international Network Marketing giants.

    Fact #2: No other “knock off” companies marketing products in their categories have surpassed them in sales.

    Fact #3: Their pioneers became millionaires.

    Join our team of full-time and top distributors in the company. We are here to work with and support you and your team in your business.

    If you are new to Network Marketing we have a simple step by step plan to help you achieve your financial dreams while maintaining your own flexible schedule. We will coach and mentor you regardless of your goals.

    The company is well capitalized; we have Leadership with integrity, commitment and experience, we have an EXCLUSIVE product with NO competition whatsoever, and something that most companies will never mention – TIMING. You have to be in the right company before the masses know about it to have the best opportunity to become a millionaire. Will you be one of them?

    Go Now: URL Blocked For Sample

    You are receiving this message as part of the “Home Business” Newsletter you recently joined through ********** or one of its partner sites. If you feel you have been added to this list in error, or would like to be removed from future mailings, please visit http://*******/cleanlist.php


    When you mail to an opt-in list, the email message that you send can have a significant effect on the click through rates achieved. Our network sees a huge variation in click through rates – anything from 2% to 76%! Not all of this variation is due to the message of course – some of it is due to the product/service/web site on offer – but a good proportion IS certainly down to the message.

    So how do you make the best use of a simple text email message to gain the maximum response?

    First the basics:

    What are you trying to achieve?

    Before you write a word, carefully consider what you want the email to achieve. Normally the aim is to bring visitors to a web site. Sometimes there are secondary requirements. Sometimes you want to achieve a sale or sign up as a direct result of the email.

    Whatever the aim, you should always keep it in mind at all times when writing your text. Keep focused.

    Check Spelling and grammar

    Poor spelling and poor grammar are an instant turn off. Compose your message in a word processor (using plain text of course) – and use the spell check on the word processor to check the text – then simply cut and paste into your order.

    Line Length

    Some email software does not provide a line wrapping facility – so if you do not include carriage returns in the text – the recipient simply sees a long line of text.

    Keep the line length to 80 characters or less and use a ‘hard’ carriage return (press the return key) at the end of each line rather than allowing the software to wrap the line.



    The sentence above should illustrate the point. OCCASIONAL use of caps to emphasize a word – or possibly a header – is ok. Put the whole message in caps, and you come across as a net newbie – not good for sales.


    Keep paragraphs short. Long paragraphs of plain text are hard to read and look boring. Short paragraphs get read!

    Message length

    In general, aim to keep your message as short as possible – while getting the necessary message across. AdScholar imposes no maximum on the number of lines that you can include in an email, the maximum is imposed by the readers interest threshold.

    There are at least three sets of circumstance where a longer message can be used:

    An ‘email only’ ad, where there is no web site to visit. Here the whole sales pitch has to be contained within the email. This naturally makes for a longer message – but even in these circumstances, unless you write like Steven King, you are still best to keep the message as short as you can. Don’t waste your prospects time with your ‘eloquence’.
    If you do not have the time to make changes to a site, or perhaps you do not have editorial control of the pages you are advertising, there is a case for using more text in the email.
    In this instance you will use the email as a guide to the site, drawing the readers attention to the parts of the site and the offer that you want to emphasize.

    Once your prospect is talking to you, you can say a bit more!

    Message content

    “Aye there’s the rub” as Shakespeare said. What should the content of your email be? Well, first lets look at some general rules:

    Sell the benefit of visiting your site. What will they find out? What can they gain by visiting?
    Picture your customer – who are they? how old? where do they live? Then write to that one person!
    Gain your visitors trust – Your claims should be believable. Write factually, and tell the truth. Make sure your site looks professional.
    Don’t tell the whole story in the first line! If your headline tells them the core of what’s on offer – will anyone bother to read the detail that makes the offer exciting? Write an enticing first line not a summary.
    Your first sentence should be short. Don’t tax your reader early on.
    Focus your email. Don’t ramble.
    The next thing to decide is the general style of the email. This very much depends on the aim, but also on the product/service that you are promoting. One of the more successful email ads that I have seen used curiosity as a pull. It read thus:

    Subject: What is MLife?

    What is MLife?

    Find out at

    I hope you enjoy your visit.

    …and was signed off with the CEO’s name. This ad pulled over 35% visits. Can you resist visiting to find out what it is? By the way, ending the email with the name of the person sending it, and some form of contact method (email or telephone) always helps to build trust – which boosts response.

    So curiosity is a good pull, but only useable in certain circumstances. What other emotions can be used to increase response?

    Fear – Fear of missing out on something (that’s why special offers with time limits work better), or actual fear (“Is your house safe?”, “What if you can’t support your family?”). Fear always tends to pull well – if it’s a believable threat!
    Greed – Offering something for nothing, special offers, bargains, low prices – all rely on greed for success. In some ways this is a harder emotion to work on – as the ‘triggers’ can vary greatly between people. Sometimes even ‘free’ is not cheap enough!
    Involvement – take people into your confidence. Involve them in your sales effort – “We think this product is right for you – please take a look and tell us what you think”.
    Truth – be totally up front about WHY your product is low cost – “We bought too much stock – now Christmas is over we can’t sell it – we are offering this once in a lifetime price to save our cash flow”. Opening your heart to your customer can forge very good relationships through building on trust. DON’T ABUSE THIS. If you use this line once – and then use it again later, and it is seen by some of your original customers…..the end.
    You can think of other variations on this – but the key is to adopt a theme that supports your aim – and then use that theme throughout your email ad.

    The final point on content has already been touched on. Add a personal touch to the email. Give a name that the reader can use. Openly give contact information. Sometimes writing the whole email from a personal perspective can work extremely well.


    In summary – Keep it as short as possible, No spelling mistakes, write to a theme and write to the person you visualize as your target. Do all of the above, and you will see your response rates increase.