We do receive a lot of questions that keep on repeating themselves. We have compiled the questions into an FAQ in order to answer your most common questions. In case you have any other question which does not appear on our list, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer them.
Q: Is the traffic that you provide genuine?
A: The traffic that we drive to your site is completely real and from actual human users so you do not have to worry about getting visits from masses of bots. ;)

Q: Can I narrow down the kind of traffic that I need?
A: Sure! You can specify the kind of people you want to visit your site and we will send them your way in no time at all. You can narrow down your focus to specific geographical areas and interests so that you get the maximum impact from your campaign.

Q: How soon does the traffic start flowing to my site?
A: The typical waiting period is 24 hours after you have started the internet traffic campaign so do not worry if you don’t notice a traffic spike immediately you have finished specifying the parameters of your campaign and given it the green light.

Q: How long before I fully achieve the traffic results I asked for?
A: This usually depends on the number of visitors you have purchased, more visitors will take more to achieve but it typically takes about 60 days even for the largest campaign to be achieved. Please note that this is an approximation and the actual time may vary slightly depending on a number of conditions.

Q: How do I confirm the number of site visitors that I am getting?
A: You can make use of a number of web analytic tools in order to get a count of the number of visitors coming to your site. Tools such as goo.gl URL shortener can be used or an image based counter, put the counter on top of your page. We are confident about providing you results and most of the time we over-deliver on our promise.

Q: Do you generate traffic using bots and spams?
A: Absolutely not! We will never ever try unscrupulous techniques in order to get traffic to your site. All the methods we use are completely authentic and have been proven to work. We never ever send out unsolicited mail to newsgroups to get traffic since we already have other proven and legitimate means of getting traffic.

Q: Where does your traffic come from?
A: This maybe our trade secret but for the sake of clarification, we are willing to reveal them to you. We have a massive network of sites which send us the traffic that we sell to you. This way, you only get real actual human beings visiting your site. We never ever make use of spam to send you traffic and all our methods are completely real. In some situations, we make use of domain names that have been abandoned in order to send you traffic. These abandoned domain names still get a lot of traffic from all over the world hence giving you actual human visitors to your site.

Q: What is the difference between click traffic, visit traffic and special traffic?
A: This is a question that most people are still grappling with. This is usually the traffic that comes from clicking on links in other sites. On the other hand, visit traffic is the traffic that comes from actual website visits. Special traffic is the traffic that comes from specially selected areas such as specific geographical regions and users interests.

Q: How do I select the kind of traffic I need?
A: getting traffic from global sources is relatively simple. You can also select specific continents, countries and language you would like your traffic to come from. This is very important when your site is not in English and you want it to be seen by only the people who understand that particular language. Regional filtering is very important when your site has been tailored to reach those exact people.

Q: Why should I choose you as my traffic provider?
A: All our traffic is completely real with actual human visitors. We also have great customer services and are always at hand to provide you with any assistance that you may need. Simply put, we are the best traffic providers you can get at an affordable price.

Q: How will my website be displayed?
A: Website visitors get to see your entire website giving you the opportunity to have a higher conversion rate and a greater return on investments.

Q: Why are there discrepancies with the statistics?
A: General traffic shown on your site and in your counter may differ from time to time. However, if the difference is a lot greater than normal please get in touch with us and we will immediately and we will immediately compensate you for the difference. Some analytic tools usually have a delay in the statistics shown so the traffic shown on our site may be greater than what you are seeing on the counter. You can wait for a while till the analytic tool refreshes itself then get in touch with us in case you have any issues.

For tracking we recommend that you use goo.gl URL shortener, for UK orders you should use bit.ly, Statcounter.com or another image based counter.

In other cases, the users may decide to switch of images and JavaScript meaning that the analytics tool will not be able to count.

Q: Is the price per campaign or monthly?
A: All prices are for a single campaign only. We do not charge you any annual or monthly fees. However, you are free to buy as much traffic as you want.

Q: I have another question that has not been covered here. How do I get it answered?
A: You can reach us by using the contact page or via email [email protected]

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